ac∙tiv∙ism \ˈak-ti-ˌvi-zəm\

Photographs of people holding signs that say "Critical Literacy."

Conference attendees in the JoLLE Photobooth.
Special thanks to Denise Payne for donating the Photobooth and her expertise to the conference.

ac∙tiv∙ism \ˈak-ti-ˌvi-zəm\

: a doctrine or practice that emphasizes direct vigorous action especially in support of or opposition to one side of a controversial issue

 As part of JOLLE’s inaugural conference on activist literacies, a portion of our program was dedicated to “Continuing the Conversation.” To consider ourselves as activists in our teaching and research means that our work must extend beyond our presentations, papers, and even ourselves. To facilitate this type of hands-on activism, the JOLLE conference put together a series of interactive activities that allowed conference participants to engage with ideas and possibilities of activist literacies.

Activist PhotoBooth In the lobby of the Georgia Center, JOLLE set up an Activist Photobooth. One of our most popular activities, everyone who attended our opening night gala took photos with both friends and strangers, with signs that shared their thoughts on reading, literacy, and activism  Students, teachers, parents, and researchers used this space to create not only statements of solidarity but moments of solidarity towards a similar cause.

VisibleTweets Using the hashtag #JOLLE2013, conference participants and presenters used Twitter to share comments, queries, and revelations about how their research and teaching can be impacted through activism.  All of the tweets were displayed via VisibleTweets, an online Twitter display for public spaces.  Throughout the day, conference onlookers could keep up with presentations throughout the day and spread the news of the powerful work being done here at the JOLLE conference.

Photograph of a tweet. Green background with black text that states "RT@KimberlySlusser: A great couple of days in Georgia with many inspiring movers and shakers! #jolle2013

Visible Tweets from the #JoLLE2013 Conference

Interactive Wall Attendees participated in a Candy Chang inspired interactive wall exhibit. Teachers, artists, and professors wrote about their memories and the importance of their work on society. A participant could choose from the following open themes: I’ve taught, I teach, or I Research

A Found Poem created from excerpts from the Interactive Wall

I teach. I’ve taught. I research.

In high school, middle school,

K-12, 9 and 10th grades.

In NC!, LA and Oakland,

Atlanta and


Learned that I can do anything!!

Love incorporating student activist projects,

Aimed at social justice.

I could change everything,

Every year.

I teach. I taught. I research.

I feel enlightened.

I miss it.

Without this,

The world loses a sense of place & humanity,

the world would be less empowered.

I love teaching.


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