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Volume 10(2) Preview

Michelle M. Falter, Principal Editor,


Below are the titles of the Research and Voices from the Field articles that will be published in the Fall 2014 issue of JoLLE. Along with each title is a podcast interview with the author(s) that provides a preview of the article to be published in December.

Research Articles

Experience is the Best Tool for Teachers: Blogging to Provide Preservice Educators with Authentic Teaching Opportunities

Katie Stover, Furman University, Greenville, SC, USA, Lindsay Sheronick Yearta, University of South Carolina Upstate, Spartanburg, SC, USA, & Rachel Sease, Furman University, Greenville, SC, USA


Experiential Learning and Literacy: Preservice Teachers’ Perspectives

Ramona T. Pittman & Theresa Garfield-Dorel, Texas A & M University, San Antonio, TX, USA


Funds of (Difficult) Knowledge and the Affordances of Multimodality: The Case of Victor

Ava Becker, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC, Canada


I Hope it Still Counts as Reading: The Cultural Production of Reading(s), Social Relations and Values in a Research Interview

Lyndsay Moffatt, University of Prince Edward Island, Charlottetown, Canada


Labeled Reading Disabled and “Doing Reading”: One College Student’s Reading History

Maryl A. Randel, Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI, USA


Literature Discussion: Encouraging Reading Interest and Comprehension in Struggling Middle School Readers

Pamela K. Pittman, North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC, USA & Barbara Honchell, The University of North Carolina at Wilmington, Wilmington, NC, USA


Social Justice through Literacy: Integrating Digital Video Cameras in Reading Summaries and Responses

Rong Liu, John A. Unger, & Vicki A. Scullion, Georgia Gwinnett College, Lawrenceville, GA, USA

 Voices from the Field

“So, Like, What Now?”: Making Identity Visible for Pre-Service Teachers

Laura M. Jimenez, Boston University, Boston, MA, USA


When Guided Reading isn’t Working: Strategies for Effective Instruction

Heather Wall, Hall County Schools, GA, USA

Academic Book Reviews

Xiaoli Hong, Book Review Editor,

The book reviews in this issue focus on books that help educators to better address the gap between theory and literacy practices. Most of the books offer research-based classroom examples that educators can use to enhance students’ engagement with language learning and reading. They offer strategies to help students better understand their sociocultural worlds through diverse ways of knowing, including multimodal and arts-based text.


Fisher, D., Frey, N., & Lapp, D. (2012). Text complexity: Raising rigor in reading. Newark, DE: International Reading Association.

Review by Joanna Anglin, Rockdale County Public Schools




 Oczkus, L. D. (2012). Best ever literacy survival tips: 72 lessons you can’t teach without. Newark, DE: International Reading Association.

Review by Chelsey Bahlmann, The University of Georgia



Campos, D. (Ed.) (2013). Educating Latino boys: An asset-based approachCorwin.

Review by Gabriela del Villar, The University of Georgia





 Chappell S. V. & Faltis, C. (Ed.) (2013). The arts and emergent bilingual youth: Building culturally responsive, critical and creative education in school and community contexts. New York, NY: Routledge.

Review by Deavours Hall, The University of Georgia



Talking Book


 Dunn, P. A. (2001). Talking sketching moving: Multiple literacies in the teaching of writing. Portsmouth, NH: Heinemann.

Review by Elizabeth Howells, Armstrong Atlantic State University





Podseva, R. J. & Sharma, D. (Eds.) (2013). Research methods in linguistics. New York, NY: Cambridge University Press.

Review by Nicole Siffrinn & Ruth Harman, The University of Georgia



 Children & Young Adult Literature (CYAL) Book Reviews

Helene Halstead, CYAL Editor,

The editorial staff of JoLLE recognizes the importance of supporting teachers and teacher-educators by providing them with reviews of books that can be used in the classroom or recommended to readers. The CYAL Book Review section provides reviews by scholars and students on texts that are both newly released and upcoming releases. Books include those that promote social justice, give voice to marginalized youth, and foster discussion about children’s concerns.  In addition, educators will find books that are low-level/high interest, can be used in cross-curricular settings, and contain subject matter of topical concern.

Poetry & Arts

Margaret Robbins, Poetry & Arts Editor,

Our poetry and art section features several artistic selections that depict the power of language in our everyday lives. Many of our poets and artists are also educators who convey the importance of learning both inside and outside of the school walls. Their work showcases such issues as social justice in education, the ability to play with language, the evolving state of literacies, interpretations of the literary canon, and understandings of new cultures.


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