Research Methods

Research Methods

Empowering Adolescents for Activist Literacies

Humphrey, S. L. (2013). Empowering adolescents for activist literacies. Journal of Language and Literacy Education, 9(1), 114-135. Available at

Teachers as Researchers of New Literacies: Reflections on Qualitative Self-Study

Kew, B., Given, K., and Brass, J. (2011). Teachers as researchers of new literacies: Reflections on qualitative self-study. Journal of Language and Literacy Education, 7(2), 67-84. Available at

The Power of Students’ Stories: Narrative Inquiry in English Education

Knight, S. D. (2009). The power of students‟stories: Narrative inquiry in English education. Journal of Language and Literacy Education, 5(1), 48-58. Available at

Issues of Validity, Subjectivity, and Reflexivity in Multimodal Literacy Research and Analysis

Low, D. E., & Pandya, J. Z. (2019). Issues of validity, subjectivity, and reflexivity in multimodal literacy research and analysis. Journal of Language and Literacy Education, 15(1), 1-22. Available at

I Hope it Still Counts as Reading: The Cultural Production of Reading(s), Social Relations and Values in a Research Interview

Moffatt, L. (2014). I hope it still counts as reading: The cultural production of reading(s), social relations and values in a research interview. Journal of Language and Literacy Education, 10(2), 1-16. Available at

Reflecting on the Challenges of Conducting Research across National and Linguistic Borders: Lessons from the Field

Rubinstein-Ávila, E. (2009). Reflecting on the challenges of conducting research across national and linguistic borders: Lessons from the field. Journal of Language and Literacy Education, 5(1), 1-8. Available at

Read, Baby, Read: Developing Content Knowledge to Positively Impact the Practice of Teaching Nonfiction Reading

Sugarman, S. (2011). Read, baby, read: Developing personal content knowledge to positively impact the practice of teaching nonfiction reading. Journal of Language and Literacy Education, 7(2), 22-43. Available at

What is Adapted in Youth Adaptations?: A Critical Comparative Content Analysis of Military Memoirs Repacked as Young Adult Literature

Sulzer, M. A., Thein, A. H., & Schmidt, R. R. (2018). What is adapted in youth adaptations?: A critical comparative content analysis of military memoirs repacked as young adult literature. Journal of Literacy and Language Education, 14(1), 1-27. Available at


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