Special Issue Policy

JoLLE annually gets requests to publish special themed issues from people who are not on the editorial board. The Editorial Board has declined each such proposal. JoLLE is designed and structured to produce a Spring and Fall issue, each aligned with UGA semesters. JoLLE is a UGA-sponsored student activity that is edited out of a semester-length course, LLED 8888. Our two issues and the Winter Conference constitute the full range of what we are capable of producing under this structure.

Proposing that the workload be handled by an external editorial team is not tenable. JoLLE is not designed to be the province of faculty, UGA students not enrolled in LLED 8888, or people from outside UGA. Outsourcing issues would violate our Constitution and principles, and take quality control out of our hands; we say this recognizing that some of these proposals have come from accomplished scholars. JoLLE is the product of our Editorial Board’s efforts, not of people who are unaffiliated with the journal.

We regret to say that we cannot entertain requests from people outside the Editorial Board to produce special themed issues of JoLLE.


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