Volume 1(1), 2005

Guest Editorial

Heath, S.B. (2005)

Research Articles

The author offers an editorial on her conception of a student-run Journal of Language and Literacy Education.

Playing a Double Game: Authorial Reading and the Ethics of Interpretation

Smith, M.W. & Rabinowitz, P.J. (2005)

Students in English education typically have to live in two worlds: departments of English in which they receive their disciplinary training and departments of education in which they work to develop the pedagogical content knowledge they need to teach in that discipline. They may experience dislocations as they move between those worlds, as a variety of research has established that these departments are likely to have very different theoretical orientations. In this paper we explain the theory of authorial reading and argue that it has the capacity to provide the foundation for greater complementarity between the two worlds in which English education students reside.Read the full article


Wondering about NCLB

[sdm_download id=”3929″ fancy=”0″] Shannon, P. (2005)

Using data from one “successful” school district, I argue that, contrary to its egalitarian rhetoric, NCLB provides a mechanism for identifying the many whom Hernstein and Murray would exclude from schooling beyond the elementary grades because they cannot learn enough to justify the expense of their teaching. To challenge this conservative agenda in neoliberal clothing, teachers, researchers and the public should contest the political, social, and economic assumptions on which NCLB rests and work to build institutions which revitalize democratic values and support the continuous development of all citizens. Read the full article


Book Review

Inyega, H. (2005)

The author offers a review of Meier’s The Young Child’s Memory for Words: Developing First and Second Language and Literacy. Read the full review


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