Volume 17(1)

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The Hope We Wish To See by Aiysha Sinclair

Editor’s Introduction: Transformation Through Radical Support

By Merida Lang, Principal Editor

Conference Keynotes

Watch Dr. Battachary’s Welcome Speech, You Must Make the Injustice Visible

Dr. Battacharya’s Welcome Speech

Watch Dr. Sealey-Ruiz’s keynote address, Enacting Critical Love: An “Archaeology of Self” Approach Towards Anti-Racism in the Academy and Beyond

Dr. Sealey-Ruiz’s Keynote Speech

Racial Literacy Poetics for the Academy & Beyond

Yolanda Sealey-Ruiz

Watch Dr. Yang’s keynote address, Literacy for Solidarity: Or, How to Honor Ancestors Not Our Own

Dr. Yang’s Keynote Speech

K. Wayne Yang

Academic Articles

Research Reports

Less than One Percent is Not Enough: How Leading Literacy Organizations Engaged with Climate Change from 2008 to 2019

Alexandra Panos and James Damico

“These Are Normal People”: White High School Students’ Responses to Interracial Literary Fiction

Jessie Findora and Thomas C. Hammond

Disciplinary Literacy: Successes and Challenges of Professional Development

Emily Howell, Wendy Barlow, and Jeanne Dyches

Collage Praxis: What Collage Can Teach Us about Teaching and Knowledge Generation

Jessica Whitelaw

“The Voice Lies Within Them”: Teacher Candidates’ Conceptions of Literacy and Social Justice Pedagogy

Rick Marlatt and Meghan E. Barnes

Voices from the Field

What Can Translation Do? Language, Power, and Identity in an Elementary Classroom

Eric Fishman

Chasing New Worlds: Stories of Roleplaying in Classroom Spaces

Karis Jones, Scott Storm, Jennifer Castillo, and Sasha Karbachinskiy

All interview podcasts are available on Spreaker.

Academic Book Reviews

The academic book reviews in this issue cover a range of topics relevant to the field of language and literacy education. Reviewers with diverse backgrounds provide summaries and critiques of books focusing on curriculum, instruction, and social equity.

Dan Jin, Academic Book Review Editor, jolle.bookrev@gmail.com

Review of De/constructing Literacies: Considerations for Engagement

Jason D. DeHart, Appalachian State University, Boon, NC

Review of Read, Write, Inquire: Disciplinary Literacy in Grades 6-12

Madison Gannon, University of Georgia, Athens, GA

Review of Narratives of Hope and Grief in Higher Education

Allyson Pitzel, University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, AL

Children & Young Adult Literature (CYAL) Book Reviews

The Journal of Language and Literacy Education (JoLLE) reviews recently published or soon-to-be-published Children’s and Young Adult Literature (CYAL). At JoLLE, we value students’ voices and creativity in reflecting their understanding and evaluation of the literature that is written for them.

The children and young adult book reviews in this issue welcome the critiques of adult and student reviewers. We are pleased to offer reflections from parents, teachers, and young children from around the globe. We hope these reviews will encourage our readers to add these titles to their libraries while continuing to embrace the unique joy and adventures that can be experienced through books.

We thank the students, teachers, and caregivers who have participated in our Children and Young Adult Literature book reviews. We hope to see more reviews from children and adults around the globe.

Judith C. Johnson, CYAL Book Review Editor, jolle.cyal@gmail.com

Review of Green Machine: The Slightly Gross Truth about Turning Your Food Scraps into Green Energy

Daniel Foster, Student Reviewer

Angie Foster, Adult/Educator Reviewer

Review of Undercover Ostrich

Will Foster, Student Reviewer

Angie Foster, Adult/Educator Reviewer

Review of The Liars of Mariposa Island

Rhonda Pawlik, Adult/Educator Reviewer

Review of It’s Ok to be a Unicorn

3-yr-old and 6-yr-old siblings, Student Reviewer

Janet Key, Adult/Educator Reviewer

Poetry, Fiction, & Visual Arts

In the Spring 2021 issue of JoLLE, we are proud to present a Poetry, Fiction, & Visual Arts section that shares contextual experiences of visceral, instinctive, intellectual, evoked and responsive enactments of language and literacy.  Collectively, these artistic renderings prompt considerations for the engagement of language, literacy, teaching, and learning in diverse contexts.

Our visual artists and poets, who are also researchers, educators, and professional artists, inform and expand our conceptions of language and literacy through their varied modes of representation. The art/research works in this issue exemplify the dynamic nature of meaning making and its socio-cultural influences. The voices presented in each work invite us to honor the multimodality of language and literacy in the classroom and throughout education.

LaTasha Hutcherson Price, Poetry, Fiction, & Visual Arts Editor, jolle.art.literature@gmail.com


Titles: “Repair Narratives Matter,” “On Translanguaging,” & “Incarceration Nation”

Author: Joy Valentine
Institution: The University of Illinois at Chicago

Title: “Speak Proper English,” “In a Nut Shell” & “Saying No”

Author: Mellissa Gyimah-Concepcion
Institution: Judson University

Visual Arts

Title: “Girl with Red” & “Mushroom”

Author: Aiysha Sinclair

Title: “Underpainting Quilt” & “On Memory”

Author: Amanda Smith
Institution: University of Hawaii at Manoa

Title: “Literacy,” “Collaboration,” “The Ecology of the Mind,” “Typewriter,” “Virtual Schooling,” & “Mycelium”

Author: Kerry Alexander
Institution: University of Texas at Austin

Title: “Languages Are Connections”

Author: Saurabh Anand
Institutions: University of Georgia

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Merida Lang

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