Editorial Board

JoLLE Current Editorial Board

All editorial board members are students at The University of Georgia, primarily from the Department of Language and Literacy Education in the College of Education. The editors and other editorial positions typically change annually as students rotate off and new enrollees rotate in.

If you have a question about a specific JoLLE feature, please contact the feature editor. For general inquiries, contact jolle.submissions@gmail.com.

2022-2023 Editorial Board

Principal Editor: Jennifer Ervin (she/her), jolle.principal.editor@gmail.com

Managing Editor: John Williams (he/him), jolle.submissions@gmail.com

Production Editor: Amanda Deaton (she/her), jolle.production.editor@gmail.com

Conference Co-Chairs: Casey Boersma (she/her), Haley Allen (she/her), Jisang Yoo (he/him), jolle.conference@gmail.com

Treasurer: Helena Karas (she/her), jolle.treasurer@gmail.com

Poetry, Fiction, & Visual Arts Editor: Frankie Avalos (they/them),  jolle.art.literature@gmail.com

Academic Book Review Editors: Naanhee Kim (she/her), Adam Díaz (he/him), jolle.bookrev@gmail.com

CYAL Book Review Editor: Brittany Pope (she/her), jolle.cyal@gmail.com

Communications Editor: Pamela Kimario (she/her), Bailey Broome (she/her), jolle.communicate@gmail.com

Scholars Speak Out Editor: Ashley Brumbelow (she/her), jolle.scholarsspeakout@gmail.com

Digital Content Editors: Lauren Corley (she/her or they/them), Adam Díaz (he/him) jolle.webmeister@gmail.com

Faculty Advisor: Usree Bhattacharya (she/her), ubhattacharya@uga.edu


The views expressed on this website and contained within featured documents are solely those of the author(s) and artist(s) and do not reflect the views of the Department of Language & Literacy Education, The College of Education, or The University of Georgia.

Please report any issues or questions regarding the website to jolle.webmeister@gmail.com.