Editorial Board, 2014-2015

Principal Editor

Michelle M. Falter

Managing Editor

Meghan E. Barnes

Production Editor

John Zyck

Associate Production Editor

Albina Khabibulina

Website Editor

Elizabeth Pittard

Book Review Editor

Xiaoli Hong

Poetry and Art Editor

Margaret Robbins

Editorial Board Members

Jennifer Whitley
Melissa Baker
Yunying Xu
Helene Halstead



Faculty Advisor

Dr. Peter Smagorinsky

Past Editors

Stephanie A. Shelton 2013-2014

Lindy L. Johnson, 2011-13

Amber Simmons, 2011

Dawan Coombs & George Boggs, 2010

Amy Alexandra Wilson, 2009

Amy Alexandra Wilson & Kinga Varga-Dobai, 2008

Jen Wooten & Kinga Varga-Dobai, 2008

Jessica Van Cleave & Leslie B. Dailey, 2007

Sterge Botzakis & Melanie Hundley, 2005-2006

Founding Co-Editors: Sterge Botzakis & Sharon Leigh Murphy, 2004-2005


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