External Review Board

External Review Board

The JoLLE Editorial Board would like to recognize and express our gratitude to the following individuals who serve on the current JoLLE External Review Board, with the term encompassing the 2023-2024 year.

To learn how to serve as a member of the JoLLE External Review Board, please refer to the section of our website entitled Review for JoLLE.

Reshara Alviarez,        Ontario Institute for Studies in Education

Nicole Amato,         University of Iowa

Arianna Banack,         Purdue University

Taylor Blankstein-Miller,         University of Georgia

Shelby Boehm,         University of Florida

Georgia Bunnell,         Utah State University

Jodi Carlson,         Northern Arizona University

Kathleen Colantonio-Yurko,         The College at Brockport State University of New York (SUNY)

Carlson Coogler,         University of Alabama

Annie Daly-Lesch,         University of Texas at Arlington

Mandie Dunn,         University of South Florida

Jessica Eagle,         North Carolina State University

Jennifer Ervin,         University of Georgia

Will Fassbender,         Montana State University

Shuang Fu,         University of Georgia

Madison Gannon,         University of Georgia

Damiana Gibbons-Pyles,         Appalachian State University

Aaron Gierhard,         Columbus State University

Michael Gray,         University of Georgia

Heidi Hadley,         Missouri State University

Ling Hao,         University of South Carolina

Erica Holyoke,         University of Colorado Denver

Ming-Yi (Grace) Hsieh,         Kansas State University

Yuseva Iswandari,         Ohio State University

Lei Jiang,         North Dakota State University

Eric Ku,         Hokkaido University

Catherine Lammert,         Texas Tech University

Benjamin Lathrop,         Purdue University

Shuzhan Li,         Ithaca College

Yuxiang (Nina) Liao,         University of Georgia

Naitnaphit Limlamai,         Colorado State University

Zihan (Sandra) Lin,         University of Georgia

Stacia Long,         University of North Texas

Jennifer Mann,         North Carolina State University

Shelly Melchior,         University of Alabama

Tim Pappageorge,         Maine West High School

Lana Parker,         University of Windsor

Kisha Porcher,         University of Delaware

Cecelia Joyce Price,         Dallas College

Stephanie Anne Shelton,         University of Alabama

Sarah Stice,         University of Georgia

Yixuan Wang,         University of Georgia

Tati Wardi,         Indonesian International Islamic University

Xing Wei,         University of Georgia

Alisha White,         Western Illinois University

Sarah Williams,         University of North Georgia

Melissa Wrenn,        East Carolina University

Eun Young Yeom,         University of Georgia

Maverick Zhang,         Hunter College (CUNY)

Wenli Zhang,         University of Chinese Academy of Sciences

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