Conference 2017

JoLLE Winter Conference 2017

Out of the Box and Into the Margins

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Teachers and researchers in the field of language and literacy education increasingly face standardizing forces. What do we do when these pressures go against our better understanding, our unique identities, and the particular makeup of our learning contexts? This year’s conference features educators and students who take risks, sometimes subversively, to employ and widen the spaces between the essentializing forces that we all face. We invite artists, gamers, remixers, techies, and fandoms. We invite all who experiment with the intertwining of identities and all who refuse to be labeled to share and explore how to exert agency within highly constrained contexts–or, in other words, how to move out of the box and into the margins. We invite national and international scholars with ranging research interests in language and literacy education to join us for a participatory conversation on various topics within our field. How do we encourage educators and students to go beyond consumption and engage as producers? We welcome you to join us February 3rd and 4th for a participatory conversation about how language and literacies help students and educators explore opportunities to remake, refocus, and revolutionize the system to fit ourselves.

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