Join us for the JoLLE@UGA 2016 Winter Conference!

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Keynote Speaker: Dr. David Kirkland

The Practice of Freedom: Understanding the Complexities of Teaching and Learning in Urban Settings


David E. Kirkland, J.D., Ph.D., and Associate Professor of English and Urban Education in the Department of Teaching and Learning at New York University’s (NYU) SteinhardtKirkland head shot School of Culture, Education, and Human Development, is Executive Director of The Metropolitan Center for Research on Equity and The Transformation of Schools. His transdisciplinary scholarship explores intersections among race, gender, and education. In so doing, he analyzes culture, language, and texts, and uses critical literary, ethnographic, and sociolinguistic research methods to answer complex questions at the center of equity in education. Dr. Kirkland taught middle and high school for several years in Michigan. He’s also organized youth empowerment and youth mentoring programs for over a decade. Dr. Kirkland has received many awards for his groundbreaking work in urban education, including the 2008 American Educational Research Association (AERA) Division G Outstanding Dissertation Award. He was a 2009-10 Ford Foundation Postdoctoral Fellow, a 2011-12 NAEd/Spencer Foundation Postdoctoral Fellow, and is a former fellow of the National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE) Research Foundation’s “Cultivating New Voices among Scholars of Color” program. Dr. Kirkland has published widely. His most recent publications include: Black Skin, White Masks: Normalizing Whiteness and the Trouble with the Achievement GapEnglish(es) in Urban Contexts: Politics, Pluralism, and Possibilities, and We Real Cool: Examining Black Males and LiteracyA Search Past Silence: The Literacy of Black Males, the fifth book that Dr. Kirkland has authored, co-authored, edited, or co-edited, is a TC Press bestseller and winner of the 2014 AESA Critics Choice Award and the 2014 NCTE David H. Russell Award for Distinguished Research in the Teaching of English. He is also co-editor of the newly released Students Right to Their Own Language, a critical sourcebook published by Bedford/St. Martins Press.

Friday Evening Opening Session

sj and michael Dr. sj Miller and Michael Wenk from the University of Colorado Boulder will share their documentary about four Queer YA authors and individuals who talk about the critical power queer YA literature has to affirm and empower queer youth through their mirrored realities. Both speakers will discuss the impetus for this work and their extensive knowledge of this important topic and will also allow plenty of time for discussion.

The conference will be held at the
Georgia Hotel and Conference Center
1197 South Lumpkin Street, Athens, GA 30602-3603


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