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JoLLE@UGA 2014 Spring Conference

Literacy for/and Social Justice: Inspire, Engage, Create, Transform
February 14-15, 2014
Georgia Center, 1197 South Lumpkin Street, Athens, GA

As educators, students, researchers, community members, and others expand notions of what “literacy” means, they must also increase efforts to ensure that literacy opportunities are equitable for and welcoming to all.  Our theme this year, “Literacy and/for Social Justice: Inspire, Engage, Create, Transform” emphasizes the role of literacy, both as a means of incorporating social justice into curriculum and as a method for performing socially just practices.  This theme welcomes wide-ranging notions of how one might define or practice literacy, and of how one’s understandings of literacy might include or address issues of social justice.   The JoLLE@UGA Conference established itself last year as bridging theory and practice,  being action-oriented, being informed by research and practice, and also being inventive and creative.

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Friday Conference Keynote Speaker

mollie blackburn

Mollie V. Blackburn is Associate Professor of Teaching and Learning at The Ohio State University. Recent research projects include a teacher inquiry project with a group of teachers committed to combating heterosexism and homophobia in classrooms and schools and a book discussion group with those teachers’ students who come together to read and discuss LGBT-themed young adult literature. She has also studied the ways local LGBTQ youth experience gender rules and regulations in schools. Publications include articles in Teachers College Record, the Journal of Adolescent and Adult Literacy, and the Journal of Gay and Lesbian Issues in Education.

Also Featuring Paul Ayo from Art as an Agent for Change

 Paul Ayo

Art as an Agent for Change is a non-profit arts organization that works to establish alliances with other artists, combat the plight of the oppressed, challenge social apathy, promote social awareness, and inform all of the realities that shape our lives through the mediums of art.

Saturday Conference Keynote Speaker

deborah hicks

Deborah Hicks is the author of The Road Out: A Teacher’s Odyssey in Poor America.  She has been a teacher, researcher, and writer for over two decades, focusing on the lives of children in poor and working-class America. Hicks is the author of two previous books, including Reading Lives, and numerous research journal articles as well as articles for magazines such as The Progressive.  Deborah currently works as a Research Scholar in the Social Science Research Institute (SSRI) at Duke University and is the founding director of PAGE, a partnership supporting education for girls and young women in Appalachia. She also directs a project on education and economic inequality in Appalachia through Bass Connections—Education and Human Development, an interdisciplinary initiative at Duke University.

Online registration is closed. On-site registration will require a check or purchase order. Student registration is $115; non-student registration is $150.

Teachers: Receive PLU Credit for your conference participation!

Teachers who attend the entire JoLLE@UGA Conference will be eligible to receive 1 PLU credit.
To receive this credit, teachers must complete and submit the following to

1) Prior Approval Form before conference attendance
2) Course Completion Form at the close of the conference
3) Mastery Verification assignments

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 Conference Strands


In this session, we encourage artistic and artifactual examples (e.g. paintings, digital media, photographs, interactive theater, music) that inspire participants to think differently and conceive of a better and more just future.

Inspire Conference Proposal Rubric


These workshop-style sessions are ideal outlets for creatives of all types, for example, leading participants through the production of a digital story.  Hands-on creative experiences are definitely encouraged.

Create Conference Proposal Rubric


These sessions are ideal for showcasing research, practitioner-focused studies, and discussions aimed at providing overarching and deeper insight.  Session leaders might lead an interactive panel and engage the audience in an extended conversation.

Engage Conference Proposal Rubric


This is where ideas that work are shared, where change is happening now, and where the futures we imagine are already being created.  In these sessions, we move from ideas to action, from experimentation to implementation.

For example, a practicing teacher might propose to engage participants in an innovative lesson that incorporates international children’s literature and involves music, movement, and storytelling, with an explicit focus on the importance of  literacy in becoming a global communicator who embraces languages and cultures.

Transform Conference Proposal Rubric


JoLLE is no longer accepting conference proposals.  All submissions have been reviewed, and the Conference Board has notified authors of reviewers’ decisions.  Thank you to all who submitted!  




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