Children and Young Adult Literature (CYAL) Book Reviews Spring 2024

Students and teachers review children’s and young adult literature that supports engagement with textual literacy for both classrooms and individual learners. We review newly released and soon-to-be-released texts designed for the pre-kindergarten through twelfth grade audience. Topics address issues of social justice, provide voice for marginalized youth, foster discussion regarding children’s concerns, offer accessibility through low-level, high-interests texts, and promote cross-curricular lessons in the classroom.

Submission Guidelines for Book Reviews

    • Books must be no older than 2 years or due for publication within the next 12 months
    • Books must be written for a pre-K through grade 12 audience
    • Books must fit into one or more of the following categories:
      • Promoting social justice
      • Providing a voice for marginalized youth
      • Providing high-interest text with low-level accessibility
      • Meeting a subject area of topical interest
      • Demonstrating new/unique formats or having components that incorporate new formats
      • Fostering discussion among students about children’s concerns
      • Including characters, setting or information on inclusiveness and diversity
      • Making interdisciplinary connections in cross-curricular settings or in content areas other than language arts
Book reviews include two reviewers: one adult and one child/young adult. The guidelines for each are listed below.

Guidelines for Adult Reviewers

    • Name of book, author, publisher, date published/to be published, suggested age of reader
    • Brief (one paragraph) discussion of book (plot, characters, etc.)
    • Brief (one paragraph) discussion of why this book was reviewed and to whom it might appeal
    • Mention any concerns educators might need to consider before using or recommending this book

Guidelines for Children and Young Adult Reviewers

Depending on the age of the reviewer, we ask for 1-2 sentences (pre-K to grade 3), 1 paragraph (grades 3-5), or 1-2 paragraphs (grades 6-12) about the book.  Any of the following topics would be appropriate to discuss:
      • Why you thought this book was important
      • Why you would or would not recommend this book to someone
      • What types of people might also enjoy this book and why
      • What you liked best or least about this book
Please direct all questions to the book review editor through

Publishers or authors interested in having CYAL books reviewed by JoLLE

Please send your books to:
315 Aderhold Hall
The University Of Georgia
Athens, GA 30602

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