This is a Test

This is a Test

By Rick Meyer

This is a test for congress, state legislatures,
policy makers, secretaries of education, and others
who think they know what’s best for public education.
The stakes are the future of our country.

Don’t worry
To keep things consistent with the way you test kids
Your failure is built in
Part of the plan.
But be happy because this test won’t take days and daze.

1. In what ways do high stakes tests affect children and teachers?
a. by causing pain and stress
b. by demoralizing teachers and schools
c. by deprofessionalizing teachers
d. by perpetuating class and race difference
e. all of the above

2. In 200 words or less, explain why children are at risk if they’re poor.

3.  In 500 words or more, explain why YOU are at risk when children are poor:

4. What are the effects of poverty on a child’s school life?
a. the effects are devastating to a child’s learning
b. poverty can never be factored out
c. a hungry child can’t be as effective a learner as one that is not hungry
d. the effects of poverty are one of our nation’s deepest self-imposed injuries to our children
e. all of the above

5. True or false. Libraries in and out of public school are centers for educational thought that must be supported and accessible.

6. True or false. A teacher that deviates from or abandons a prescribed and scripted program should be considered a national hero working for the future of our children and our country and not for a corporation.

7. Which of these items are part of the heart of a public school and a sound investment in a community’s and a country’s future?
a. dance
b. fine arts
c. access to a counselor
d. a music program
e. a science program
f. a social studies program
g. all of the above.

8. Short answer. Why are bilingual programs the right of all children in the US?
Extra credit: Include a discussion of why you’re disadvantaged when you’re limited TO English language proficiency.

9. How often do you, as a senator, representative, policy maker, or Department of Education secretary spend more than three consecutive hours in a public school?
a. never
b. in my dreams
c. I will when I retire
d. I don’t understand the relevance of the question.

10. Who profits when public schools are portrayed as failing?
a. corporations
b. corporations
c. corporations
d. corporations

11. Explain in 100 words why teachers and families view recent laws and policies as legislated malpractice.

12. Explain why Value Added Measures are not accurate, viable, valuable, useful, ethical or moral.

13. A brief history of the common core standards and the accompanying tests would include a discussion of
a. corporate greed
b. the systematic dismissal of the diversities of our country
c. tests gone insane
d. non researched ideas becoming national curriculum
e. public education in jeopardy
f. all of the above

This has been a test. Had this been an authentic literacy experience, we would have actually learned something.


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