Volume 12(1): Community Engaged Literacies

Volume 12(1): Community Engaged Literacies

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Editor’s Introduction

Lived Words and Worlds: Community Engaged Literacies

Meghan E. Barnes

Research Articles

Reading and Writing with a Public Purpose: Fostering Middle School Students’ Academic and Critical Community Literacies through Debate

Nicole Mirra, Benjamin Honoroff, Suzanne Elgendy, Gabriel Pietrzak


Collaborating in the Community: Fostering Identity and Creative Expression in an Afterschool Program

Leslie Cavendish, Sarah Vess, Kirsten Li-Barber


Teaching Multiple Literacies and Critical Literacy to Pre-Service Teachers through Children’s-Literature-Based Engagements

Cheu-jey Lee


Conflicted Worlds of Multilingual Communities in Africa: Literacy Tangled in Words

Dainess Maganda


Generational, Cultural, and Linguistic Integration for Literacy Learning and Teaching in Uganda: Pedagogical Possibilities, Challenges, and Lessons from one NGO

by: Willy Ngaka, Ross Graham, Fred Masagazi Masaazi, Elly Moses Anyandru


Enhancing Academic Investment through Home — School Connections and Building on ELL Students’ Scholastic Funds of Knowledge

Eric J. Johnson & Angela B. Johnson


A Case Study of Teacher Reflection: Examining Teacher Participation in a Video-based Professional Learning Community

Susanna M. Steeg


Academic Book Reviews

These book reviews cover a variety of texts addressing education and literacy, and the texts are written by a range of scholars who tackle important issues in education. The reviews give synopsis of the texts, and at times offer their personal responses to contextualize their readings. These texts address culturally proactive pedagogy, digital reading (a review with digital links), theories of second language learning, a discipline-based inquiry approach in education, a cultural memoir by a leading scholar in the literacy field, and how to teach the taboo in schools. The reviewers are Masters students, doctoral students, and professors, women and men, and hail from diverse backgrounds. With these reviews, these texts are showcased by these six reviewers, and are given breath.

Xiaodi Zhou, Academic Book Review Editor, bookrev@uga.edu

Brooklyn DreamsReview of Brooklyn Dreams: My Life in Public Education

Jacqueline J. Saindon





Cognitive LinguisticsReview of Cognitive Linguistics and Second Language Learning: Theoretical Basis and Experimental Evidence

Heesun Chang





Digital ReadingReview of Digital Reading: What’s Essential in Grades 3-8, Review of Literacy

Marianne Snow Campbell




Literacy and History in ActionReview of Literacy and History in Action: Immersive Approaches to Disciplinary Thinking, Grades 5-12

Justin Dooly




Pose, Wobble, FlowReview of Pose, Wobble, Flow: A Culturally Proactive Approach to Literacy Instruction

Meghan E. Barnes




Rachelle Savitz




Children & Young Adult Literature (CYAL) Book Reviews

JoLLE reviews children’s and young adult literature in order to support engagement with textual literacy for both the classroom and the individual learner.  The journal reviews newly released and soon-to-be-released texts designed for the pre-K through twelfth grade audiences.

For JoLLE’s spring issue, we spotlight three publications.  Dr. Joel Taxel takes a close look at 21st Century publishing and UGA star football player Malcolm Mitchell’s picture book A Magician’s hat.  Next, we include a podcast with Ann Martin, author of The Baby-Sitters Club series, and find out more about her recent publication Rain, Reign as she answers questions from student reviewer, Riley McLaughlin.  Finally, Bill Sommer shares with us the creative process behind the book A 52-Hertz Whale coauthored with Natalie Tilghman and finalist for the Green Earth Award.

Rachel Sanders, CYAL Book Review Editor, cyalbookrev@uga.edu.

Elementary School Book

The Magician's HatReview of The Magician’s Hat

Reviewer: Joel Taxel



 Elementary to Middle School Books

El DeafoReview of El Deafo

Student Reviewer: Ivy Hadley

Educator Reviewer: Soojin Ahn


Cotton Patch RebelReview of Cotton Patch Rebel: The story of Clarence Jordan

Student Reviewer: Harper Ladd

Educator Reviewer: Sharon Sanders



Middle School Books

Rain ReignReview of Rain, Reign

Student Reviewer: Riley McLaughlin

Educator Reviewer: Laura Beck




PromiseReview of Promise

Student Reviewer: Bailey Brockelbank

Educator Reviewer: William J. Fassbender

High School Books

The Way Back from BrokenReview of The Way Back from Broken

Student Reviewer: Eveliyn Martinez

Educator Reviewer: Helene Halstead


A 52-Hertz Whale Book CoverReview of A 52-Hertz Whale

Student Reviewer: Kelsey Messinger

Educator Reviewer: Heidi Hadley

Poetry & Arts

The poetry selections for the 2016 issue of JoLLE center around the conference theme of Lived Words and Worlds: Community Engaged Literacies. The poets published in this issue have created beautiful, lyrical accounts of how language and literacy can build communities and increase opportunities in classrooms and beyond. They have taken their identities as teachers, community members, and writers into account and constructed  pieces about how lived words can forge connections worldwide. The poems remind us that through embracing our own identities, we as educators can encourage our students to find their literary voices and tell stories of their own communities.

Margaret A. Robbins, Poetry & Arts Editor, jolleart@uga.edu

“you ask me how”

Khédija Gadhoum

“Brother Book Bouncing–An O-bit”

Dale Allender

“But I’m Not a Reading Teacher”
“The Taxi Driver’s Daughter”

Leah Panther

“Thoughts to Words”
“Les Mots Justes”

Jeff Kilpatrick

“Why Don’t You Understand?”

Dr. Dainess Maganda

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