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Through Broken Windows III, Photograph by Alysha Smagorinsky, 2009-2013

Volume 9(2):

JoLLE Editor’s Introduction Fall 2013

Stephanie Anne Shelton, jolle@uga.edu, Principal Editor

Research Articles

Invisibility: An Unintended Consequence of Standards, Tests, and Mandates

Laurie Elish-Piper, laurieep@niu.edu, Northern Illinois University
Mona W. Matthews, rmatthews@gsu.edu, Georgia State University
Victoria J. Risko, victoria.j.risko@vanderbilt.edu, Vanderbilt University

Developing An Observation Instrument to Support Authentic Independent Reading Time during School in a Data-driven World

Lunetta M. Williams, lmwillia@unf.edu
Katrina W. Hall, khall@unf.edu
Wanda B. Hedrick, whedrick@unf.edu
Marcia Lamkin, mlamkin52@gmail.com
Jennifer Abendroth, j.abendroth@gmail.com
University of North Florida, Florida, USA

Eradicating Borders: An Exploration of ScholArtistry for Embracing Mexican Immigrant Children and Youth in Education

Chris Faltis, cjfaltis@ucdavis.edu
University of California-Davis, California, USA

Pedagogies of Resiliency and Hope in Response to the Criminalization of Latin@ Students

Curtis Acosta, curtis.acosta@latinolearning.com
Acosta Latino Learning Partnership, Arizona, USA

Viewing as a Cultural Tool in the Construction of Meaning with Expository Texts for Young Bilinguals

Lindsey Moses, lindseymoses1@gmail.com
Arizona State University, Arizona, USA

Life Inside the Hive: Creating a Space for Literacy to Grow

Jane M. Saunders, janesaunders@txstate.edu
Texas State University, Texas, USA

Understanding the Text Genre Preferences of Third-Grade Readers

Gina Gallo, ggallo@fordham.edu
Molly K. Ness, mness@fordham.edu
Fordham University, New York, USA

Voices from the Field

Digital Video Cameras for Brainstorming and Outlining: The Process and Potential

John A. Unger, junger@ggc.edu
Vicki A. Scullion, vascullion@gmail.com
Georgia Gwinnett College, Georgia, USA

Book Reviews

What Every Middle School Teacher Needs to Know about Reading Tests (From Someone Who Has Written Them)What Every Middle School Teacher Needs to Know about Reading Tests (From Someone Who Has Written Them)

Wester-Neal, K. (2013). Review of what every middle school teacher needs to know about reading tests (From someone who has written them).  Journal of Language and Literacy Education [Online], 9(2), 140-143.



What Every Elementary...The Literacy Coach’s Handbook: A Guide to Research-Based Practice

Yurkewecz, T. (2013). Review of the literacy coach’s handbook: A guide to research-based practice.  Journal of Language and Literacy Education [Online], 9(2), 144-148.



What Every Elementary...A Research Reader In Universal Design for Learning

Bogue, B. (2013). Review of a research reader in universal design for learning.  Journal of Language and Literacy Education [Online], 9(2), 149-152.



What Every Elementary...Redesigning Composition for Multilingual Realities

del Villar, G. (2013). Review of redesigning composition for multilingual realities.  Journal of Language and Literacy Education [Online], 9(2), 153-156.



A Synthesis ...A Synthesis of Qualitative Studies of Writing Center Tutoring 1983-2006

 Lew, S. (2013). Review of a synthesis of qualitative studies of writing center tutoring 1983-2006.  Journal of Language and Literacy Education [Online], 9(2), 157-160.



Crossing Boundaries Book Cover ...

Crossing Boundaries: Teaching and Learning With Urban Youth

 Jones, S.P. (2013). Review of crossing boundaries: Teaching and learning with urban youth.  Journal of Language and Literacy Education [Online], 9(2), 161-164.



Poetry and Art

 Alejandro “Cheesecake” Galeana Salinas



Alejandro Galeana Salinas is a Cedar Shoals High School student and artist based in Athens, Georgia and an Immigrant/ Human Rights Activist.

Ted Kesler


Ted Kesler, Ed.D., is an assistant professor in literacy at Queens College, CUNY. His research interests include children’s non-fiction, multimodal learning, and critical media literacy. His published work has appeared in The Reading TeacherLanguage ArtsThe Elementary School JournalReading and Writing QuarterlyChildren’s Literature in EducationLanguage and Literacy, among other journals. Please visit www.tedsclassroom.com or contact Ted at tkesler@qc.cuny.edu.

Rick Meyer

“This is a Test”

Rick Meyer is one of the national action coordinators of Save Our Schools. He is also a member of the New Mexico Latino Education Task Force. Rick is a Regents’ Professor at the University of New Mexico where he teaches courses in the teaching of writing, reading process, and family literacy research.

Mary Kay Rummel

“Ars Poetica”

“Mother Tongue”

Mary Kay Rummel is Professor Emerita at the University of Minnesota, Duluth and is a lecturer in literacy education at California State University, Channel Islands. Her seventh book of poetry, The Lifeline Trembles, is in press at Blue Light Press of San Francisco, which also published her last book, What’s Left is the Singing. She is co-author with Elizabeth Quintero of a new book, Storying: A Path to our Future, which is in press at Peter Lang.         marykayrummel.com

Anna Soter

“Sing the Bizarre”

Anna Soter is Professor Emerita in English Education at The Ohio State University. She has been a featured reader at poetry venues in Central Ohio for the past thirteen years. Her poems appear in various anthologies and in Livin,’ Lovin,’ and Learnin,’ co-authored with Sandra Feen.  In 2011, she founded The OSU Arts and Medicine Hospital Poets Readings and leads reading and writing poetry workshops for the JamesCare for Life Cancer Support Program at The Ohio State University.

Steven Landry

The Prospect of Honey: Synergistic Theories Brimming with Potential

pa2013_9_Landry 3










This addition to the body of graphica (Thompson, 2008) connects to an explanation of multiple theoretical frameworks by Dr. Silvia Noguerón-Liu (2013). While in a seminar course for first year graduate students, Dr. Noguerón-Liu’s poignant imagery described a concept begging to be illustrated. Drawing upon a growing understanding of multiple modes (Kress, 2012) and their transactions with making meaning, I was inspired to create using pens, paper, and variety of iPad apps.


Noguerón-Liu, S. (October 21, 2013). LLED8400. Doctoral Seminar. Lecture conducted
from the University of Georgia, Athens, GA.

Kress, G. (2011). What is mode?. In C. Jewitt (Ed). The Routledge Handbook of
Multimodal Analysis. New York: Routledge.

Thompson, T. (2008).  Adventures in graphica: using comics and graphic novels to
teach comprehension, 2-6.  Portland: Stenhouse Publishers.

Steven J. Landry is a high school teacher in Barrow County, Georgia. After earning two degrees from The University of Georgia, he currently works toward earning a Ph.D. in Language and Literacy Education. Steven enjoys exploring the affordability of making meaning through all possible modes: reading, writing, digital art, photography, the culinary world, and walking his dogs – Banjo and Scout – with his wife, Allie.

Emily Suderman

Cartoon about Language, Using the Metaphor of Blind Men Touching an Elephant


Emily Suderman is a junior in English Education at the University of Oklahoma.  She used to be an artist who loved to write, but is transforming herself into a teacher/writer who loves to create art.


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