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Current Issue: Volume 19(1): Decolonizing and Humanizing Practices in Education

Research Articles

“I’m Starved For That”: Preservice Teachers’ Experiences with Video Analysis

Sarah Stice and Madison Gannon

Negotiating Word Meanings and Identities in a Translanguaging Space

Marcela Ossa Parra

Socio-cognitive research in action: What can we learn from a single case?

Joanne Quick

Voices from the Field

“I Want You to Want Me Too”: Enacting Linguistic Justice in Language & Grammar Courses

Kisha Porcher

“What if what I want to say is not enough for what I have to say?” &
Expanding Meaning-Making Opportunities by Using Adinkra
Symbols and Yoruba Proverbs

Mellissa Gyimah-Concepcion and Olabisi Kehinde Adenekan

Critical Approaches to Media Literacy in Teacher Education: Accounting for the Challenges of Post-Truth Politics

Aimee Hendrix-Soto and Brady Nash


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