Volume 13(2)

Volume 13(2)

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“Literacy and Liberation” from Futures of Mpeasem by C. Joyce Price

Editor’s Introduction

Editor’s Introduction: Engaging Conversations

Heidi Lyn Hadley

Academic Articles

Featured Articles

Reciprocity of Student and Teacher Discourse Practices in Monologically and Dialogically Organized Text Discussion

Maren Aukerman, Erika Moore Johnson, Lorien Chambers Schuldt

Mapping Dialogic Tendencies: A Four-quadrant Method for Analyzing and Teaching Whole-Class Discussion

Todd Reynolds

Disrupting the Dominant Narrative: Beginning English Teachers’ Use of Young Adult Literature and Culturally Responsive Pedagogy

Elsie Lindy Olan and Kia Jane Richmond

Preservice Teachers’ Envisioning and Enactment of Content-Area Literacy Instruction in Elementary Classrooms

Stephanie M. Lemley

Adult Functional Literacy: Prominent Themes, Glaring Omissions, and Future Directions

Kristen H. Perry, Donita M. Shaw, Lyudmila Ivanyuk, Yuen San Sarah Tham

Effects of Educational Games on Sight Word Reading Achievement and Student Motivation

Justine M. Gibbon, Stacy Duffield, Jeanette Hoffman, & Justin J. Wageman

Creepers and Supporters: A Qualitative Analysis of the Practices of Beginning Educators in a Virtual Teacher Community

Nicole Damico


Voices from the Field

The Multiple Identities and Literacies of Black Girlhood: A Conversation About Creating Spaces for Black Girl Voices

Detra Price-Dennis, Gholnecsar Muhammad, Erica Womack, Sherell A. McArthur, Marcelle Haddix

Deconstructing “Otherness” Through Conversations and Writing in a Biliteracy Classroom: A Book Project Approach to Building Diverse Communities of Learners

Leanne M. Evans

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Academic Book Reviews

The academic book reviews in this issue reflect the broad range of texts bearing relevance to the field of language and literacy education. One overarching theme is the need to explore what lies outside of the norm. Reviewers with diverse backgrounds take on texts focusing on theory, practice, research, and issues of societal justice and equity. Through summary and critique, reviewers bring you their unique perspectives on current literature in the field.

Mariah Copeland Parker, Academic Book Review Editor, jolle.bookrev@gmail.com


Review of Disability Studies and the Inclusive Classroom: Critical Practices for Embracing Diversity in Education

Christopher Bass, The University of Illinois at Chicago






Review of Critical Content Analysis of Children’s and Young Adult Literature: Reframing Perspective

Amber Moore, The University of British Columbia.



Children & Young Adult Literature (CYAL) Book Reviews

The Journal of Language and Literacy Education reviews recently published or soon-to-be published children’s and young adult literature. Our hope is to provide a space for student voices to be heard in response to the literature that is written for them. We put special emphasis on our student reviewer’s thoughts and emotions tied to their reading of these books. We also highlight educator and adult reviews of these books to show their value to educators throughout the country.

We also worked to share books from small presses and independent publishers in this issue. For our spotlight this month, we invited expert children’s and young adult booksellers from Avid, an independent bookshop in Athens, GA to talk a little bit about the importance of small presses and independent publishers for readers, writers, and the publishing industry.

Stacia L. Long, CYAL Book Review Editor, JoLLE.CYAL@gmail.com



Interview with Children’s and Young Adult experts Hannah DeCamp and Will Walton on Small Presses and Independent Publishers


Elementary School Book

Review of I Love You Americanly by Lynn Parrish Sutton & Illustrated by Melanie Hope Greenberg

Student Reviewer: David Ziegler

Adult/Educator Reviewer: Ann D. David

Review of The Journey by Francesca Sanna

Student Reviewer: Jack Ziegler

Adult/Educator Reviewer: Ann D. David



Review of Nightlights by Lorena Alvarez

Student Reviewer: Sage Amato

Adult/Educator Reviewer: Michelle Fowler-Amato





Review of Ivy and the Lonely Raincloud by Katie Harnett

Student Reviewer: Jaeden Rangel

Adult/Educator Reviewer: Megan Janak



Review of On the Space Station by Carron Brown & Illustrated Bee Johnson

Student Reviewer: Izzy Kelt-Hancock

Adult/Educator Reviewer: Deb Kelt



Middle School Books

Review of Landscape with Invisible Hand by M.T. Anderson

Student Reviewer: Promice Ninnie

Adult/Educator Reviewer: Sidonie Chhetri





Review of Refugee by Alan Gratz

Student Reviewer: Nadeen Al Rifaei

Adult/Educator Reviewer: Ean Fulks






Review of The Silenced by James DeVita

Student Reviewer: Hannah Lundebo

Adult/Educator Reviewer: J. Eric Hasty



High School Books


Review of How to Survive in the North by Luke Healy

Student Reviewer: Santiago Cardona Juarez

Adult/Educator Reviewer: Daniel Do




Review of Elena Vanishing by Elena Dunkle & Clare B. Dunkle

Student Reviewer: Brisa Anzures

Adult/Educator Reviewer: Heathcliff Lopez





Review of Get It Together, Delilah! By Erin Gough

Student Reviewer: Adrianna Serna

Adult/Educator Reviewer: Erin Schmitt




Poetry, Fiction, & Visual Arts

In the Fall 2017 issue of JoLLE, we are proud to present a Poetry, Fiction, & Visual Arts section that explores the intertwined and dynamic relationship between language, teaching, and learning in diverse contexts. Our poets, authors, and artists, who are also researchers and educators, provide us both practical inspiration and poetic interpretation of many issues, such as students’ voice and self-discovery, multimodal teaching and learning, and interpersonal communication in education.

Sharon M. Nuruddin, Poetry, Fiction, & Visual Arts Editor, jolle.art.literature@gmail.com

Author: Bertram Bruce
Artist: Jerome C. Harste
Artist: C. Joyce Price
Artist: C. Joyce Price

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