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I am [Not] by Cristina Valencia Mazzanti

Editor’s Introduction: Navigating Through the Challenges

By Jennifer Ervin, Principal Editor

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Academic Articles

Research Articles

Applying an Intersectional Framework to the Literacy Worlds of Preservice Teachers

Heather Dunham & Kerry Alexander

Black Girls and Silence: “They ain’t doing too much”…Learning, Valuing, and Understanding Their Use of Silence Through Critical Race Theory and Culturally Sustaining Pedagogy

Jason Mizell and N’Dyah McCoy

“Stories that are worth sharing”: Insights from Middle Eastern Refugee Migration Stories through an Inquiry into Narrative

Jennifer C. Mann

“We Shall Take Their Children Away and Rear Them to the
Fatherland”: A Critical Discourse Analysis of a “Parent Advocacy” Group

Benjamin Lathrop and Christy Wessel Powell

Neoliberalism, Critical Literacy, and the Everyday: A Post-Qual Informed Multi-Genre Inquiry

Maverick Y. Zhang

Considering Collective Motivation to Read: A Narrative, Inquiry

Mark D. McCarthy

The Influences of Teacher Knowledge on Qualitative Writing Assessment

Heather Cato and Katie Walker

Scholars Speak Out

We are excited to announce that our Scholars Speak Out feature, previously published in our monthly newsletters, will now be published in our fall and spring issues. We believe this move will bring greater visibility to the important contributions of scholars, whose editorials provide unique perspectives on a broad spectrum of issues related to language and literacy education.

Do You Want to Make a TikTok? Is It Time to BeReal?: Gen Z, Social Media, and Digital Literacies

Written by Trevor Boffone, University of Houston

The Authoritarian Threat to Public Education: Attacks on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Undermine Teaching and Learning

Written by Joshua Cuevas, University of North Georgia

Towards Linguistic and Disability Justice in Education

Written by Jennifer Phuong, Swarthmore College, & Karla M. Venegas, University of Pennsylvania

A Critical Pedagogy for Love and Healing Toward Anti-Asian Racism and Xenophobia

Written by Ting Yuan, CUNY College of Staten Island

Academic Book Reviews

The academic book reviews in this issue cover a range of topics relevant to the field of language and literacy education. Reviewers with diverse backgrounds provide summaries and critiques of books focusing on curriculum, instruction, and social equity.

Naanhee Kim, Academic Book Review Editor, jolle.bookrev@gmail.com

Review of The Anti-racist Writing Workshop: How to Decolonize the Creative Classroom

Reviewer: Honor McElroy, Salisbury University, Salisbury, MD

Review of Educating Emergent Bilinguals: Policies, Programs, and Practices for English Learners (2nd ed.)

Reviewer: Molly Buck, University at Albany-State University of New York, Albany, NY

Children & Young Adult Literature (CYAL) Book Reviews

The Journal of Language and Literacy Education (JoLLE) reviews recently published or soon-to-be-published Children’s and Young Adult Literature (CYAL). At JoLLE, we value students’ voices and creativity in reflecting their understanding and evaluation of the literature that is written for them.

The children and young adult book reviews in this issue welcome the critiques of adult and student reviewers. We are pleased to offer reflections from parents, teachers, and young children from around the globe. We hope these reviews will encourage our readers to add these titles to their libraries while continuing to embrace the unique joy and adventures that can be experienced through books.

We thank the students, teachers, and caregivers who have participated in our Children and Young Adult Literature book reviews. We hope to see more reviews from children and adults around the globe.

Brittany Pope, CYAL Book Review Editor, jolle.cyal@gmail.com

Review of Better Than We Found It

Emma Morrow, Student Reviewer

Jennifer Garner, Adult/Educator Reviewer

Review of Straw House, Wood House, Brick House, Blow

Student Reviewer: Alexandra Green, 9th Grade

Adult Educator Reviewer: Antonia Alberga Parisi, Assistant Administrator

Review of Goodnight Little Bookstore

Adult Reviewer: Jan Butterworth

Student Reviewers: Kyle Butterworth, Kindergarten and Jake Butterworth, 2nd Grade

Review of Granny and Bean

Adult Reviewer: Jessica Tanner

Student Reviewers: Sloane Tanner, 2nd Grade

Review of I Dream of Popo

Adult/Educator Reviewer: Yang Wang, University of South Carolina

Student Reviewers: CoCo Li 李师杨, 3rd Grade

Review of Smashie McPerter and the Shocking Rocket Robbery

Adult/Educator Reviewer: Shelby Gordon, Gifted Coordinator

Student Reviewers: Blakelee Evans, 4th Grade

Poetry, Fiction, & Visual Arts

In the Fall 2022 issue of JoLLE, we are proud to present a Poetry, Fiction, & Visual Arts section that shares contextual experiences of visceral, instinctive, intellectual, evoked and responsive enactments of language and literacy.  Collectively, these artistic renderings prompt considerations for the engagement of language, literacy, teaching, and learning in diverse contexts.

Our visual artists and poets, who are also researchers, educators, and professional artists, inform and expand our conceptions of language and literacy through their varied modes of representation. The art/research works in this issue exemplify the dynamic nature of meaning making and its socio-cultural influences. The voices presented in each work invite us to honor the multimodality of language and literacy in the classroom and throughout education.

Frankie Avalos , Poetry, Fiction, & Visual Arts Editor, jolle.art.literature@gmail.com

Visual Art

Life Cycle of Language: From Child to Adult

Kelli Garguilo


Title: Master Teacher: American History X & I Don’t Wanna Teach No More

Jonathan Tunstall

Institution: University of Wisconsin-Madison

American History X- Spoken Word:

I Don’t Wanna Teach No More- Spoken Word:

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