Volume 15(1)

Volume 15(1)

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“A Readerly Life” by Jerome C. Harste

Editor’s Introduction

Editor’s Introduction: Breaking Down Walls: Teaching and Learning Through and Across Boundaries

Stacia L. Long

Conference Keynote Article and Videos

Some Parallels Between Written and Visual Literacy Learning

Jerome C. Harste

Video: Beautiful Oops!: Some Parallels Between Written and Visual Literacy Learning

Kakali Bhattacharya

Video: Laughing Across the Borders: Playful Possibilities in Teaching and Inquiry

Academic Articles

Research Articles

Leveraging Digital Spaces for Pre-Service Teachers to Practice Reading and Responding to Student Writing

Meghan E. Barnes, Caleb Chandler


Trusting Students’ Voices in Critical English Education

Charity T. Gordon


Issues of Validity, Subjectivity, and Reflexivity in Multimodal Literacy Research and Analysis

David E. Low, Jessica Zacher Pandya


“I Feel Normal Here”: The Social Functions of a Book Club in a Residential Recovery Program

Laurie MacGillivray, Amy Lassiter Ardell, Margaret Sauceda Curwen, Samual Wiggin


“I’m fat. It’s not a cuss word.”: A Critical Content Analysis of Young Adult Literature Featuring Fat Female Protagonists

Nicole Ann Amato


Breaking Binaries: #BlackGirlMagic and the Black Ratchet Imagination

S. R. Toliver


Voices from the Field

Loud and Clear: Using the Graphic Novel to Challenge the Status Quo in Content Area Literacy

Rick Marlatt, Ashley K. Dallacqua


Play and Learning with KAHOOT!: Enhancing Collaboration and Engagement in Grades 9-16 through Digital Games

Lauren Zucker, Audrey A. Fisch


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Academic Book Reviews

The academic book reviews in this issue cover a range of topics relevant to the field of language and literacy education. Reviewers with diverse backgrounds provide summaries and critiques of books focusing on curriculum, instruction, and social equity.

Lacy D. Brice, Academic Book Review Editor, jolle.bookrev@gmail.com

Review of Educating for Empathy: Literacy Learning and Civic Engagement

Meghan E. Barnes, University of North Carolina, Charlotte

Review of Shifting Lenses: Multilanguaging, Decolonisation and Education in the Global South

Lourdes Cardozo-Gaibisso, Instituto de Educación, Universidad ORT Uruguay

Review of Social Justice Literacies in the English Classroom: Teaching Practice in Action

Katie Loomis, University of North Texas

Lauren Martin, University of North Texas

Jemimah L. Young, University of Iowa

Children & Young Adult Literature (CYAL) Book Reviews

The Journal of Language and Literacy Education (JoLLE) reviews recently published or soon-to-be published children’s and young adult literature. By integrating students’ voices and parents/teachers’ insights, the book reviews place much emphasis on the educational impact of CYAL books on children and young adults. More importantly, the JoLLE CYAL book reviews aim to share the joy of reading literature from diverse perspectives and hearing students’ voices in response to diverse literature. For our spotlight this month, we invited highly acclaimed picturebook author and illustrator Hyewon Yum, who shared her stories as a Korean-American in the picturebook industry and as a mom living in New York City.

Eun Young Yeom, CYAL Book Review Editor, jolle.cyal@gmail.com


Interview with Author and Illustrator Hyewon Yum

Picturebook Reviews

Review of Boy Written by Phil Cummings and Illustrated by Shane Devries

Student Reviewers: Frankie Simmons & Lincoln

Adult/Educator Reviewers: Merida Lang & Alex Winninghoff

Review of The Stone Bird Written by Jenny McCarthy and Illustrated by Patrick Benson

Student Reviewer: Sera Lee

Adult/Educator Reviewer: Chu Lee

Young Adult Book Reviews

Review of Blood, Water, Paint Written by Joy McCullough

Student Reviewer: Savannah Friend

Adult/Educator Reviewer: Caroline Bedingfield

Review of Poet X Written by Elizabeth Acevedo

Student Reviewer: Maria Vargas Gottschalk

Adult/Educator Reviewer: Madison Jones

Review of Love, Hate, and Other Filters Written by Samira Ahmed

Student Reviewer: Juliana Stinnett

Adult/Educator Reviewer: Amanda Brady Deaton

Poetry, Fiction, & Visual Arts

In the Spring 2019 issue of JoLLE, we are proud to present a Poetry, Fiction, & Visual Arts section that explores the intertwined and dynamic relationship among language, teaching, and learning in diverse contexts. Our poets, authors, and artists, who are also researchers and educators, provide us both practical inspiration and poetic interpretation of many issues, such as students’ voice and self-discovery, multimodal teaching and learning, and interpersonal communication in education.

William Terrell Wright, Poetry, Fiction, & Visual Arts Editor, jolle.art.literature@gmail.com


Title: “After reading Number the Stars”

Author: Stephanie Abraham

Titles: “Twenty-Six Letters” & “Fear of Writing”

Author: Csaba Osvath

Title: “Our Priorities are Backwards”

Author: Liz Garcia

Title: “Fresh Snow”

Author: Elaine O’Quinn


Title: “Lotus Flower”

Author: Anju Kanwar

Visual Art

Title: “A Readerly Life”

Artist: Jerome C. Harste

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