Volume 11(2), 2015

Volume 11(2): Reimagining the Field

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“Field Reimagined” photo by Meghan E. Barnes

Editor’s Introduction

Meghan E. Barnes, Principal Editor, jolle@uga.edu

“Editor’s Introduction: Reimagining the Field: Pushing Back, Reconsidering Text, & Cultivating Identities”

Research Articles

“A Qualitative Analysis of High School Students’ Engagement with Poetry and Social Justice”

Dr. Victor Malo-Juvera, University of North Carolina Wilmington; Dr. Linda Spears-Bunton, Florida International University


“’It Happened to Me’: Third Grade Students Write and Draw Towards Critical Perspectives”

Dr. Amy Seely Flint, Georgia State University; Dr. Eliza Allen, University of South Carolina; Dr. Megan Nason, University of North Georgia; Dr. Sanjuana Rodriguez, Kennessaw State University; Dr. Natasha Thornton, Kennessaw State University; Dr. Kamania Wynter-Hoyte, North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University


“Getting Close to Close Reading: Teachers Making Instructional Shifts in Early Literacy”

Shea N. Kerkhoff and Dr. Hiller A. Spires, North Carolina State University


“Embodying and Programming a ‘Constellation’ of Multimodal Literacy Practices: Computational Thinking, Creative Movement, Biology, & Virtual Environment Interactions”

Dr. Alison E. Leonard, Clemson University; Nikeetha Dsouza, Clemson University; Sabarish V. Babu, Clemson University; Dr. Shaundra B. Daily, University of Florida; Dr. Sophie Jorg, Clemson University; Cynthia Waddell, Stone Academy of Communication Arts; Dhaval Parmar, Clemson University; Kara Gundersen, University of Florida; Jordan Gestring, Clemson University; Kevin Boggs, Clemson University


“Representing Reading: An Analysis of Professional Development Book Covers”

Dr. Frank Serafini, Arizona State University; Dani Kachorsky, Arizona State University; Maria Goff, Arizona State University


“A Heritage Language Learner’s Literacy Practices in a Korean Language Course in a U.S. University: From a Multiliteracies Perspective.”

Dr. Jayoung Choi, Georgia State University


“Learning in/through Collaborative Poetry Translation: Documenting the Impact of Poetry Inside-out with High School Aged English Language Learners”

Dr. Jie Park, Clark University


“What Teachers Bring: The Intellectual Resources of Adolescent Literacy Educators in an Era of Standardization”

Dr. Kathleen Riley, West Chester University


“Crossing Blocked Thresholds: Three Stories of Identity, Embodied Literacy, and Participatory Education”

Anne W. Anderson, University of South Florida; Dr. Margaret Branscombe, University of South Florida; and Tara Nkrumah, University of South Florida


Voices from the Field

“Reading, Writing, and Designing: Getting Students on the Path to Thinking like Designers”

Dr. Christine D. Kyser, University of Northern Colorado



Academic Book Reviews

The academic book reviews cover a range of literacy and education issues, from digital innovations to engaging with minority populations in the classrooms, and from broad 21st century issues in English Education to specifically addressing transnational and urban youths. A diverse set of reviewers take a critical and reflective look at these various texts as they relate to the classroom and themselves. These reviewers are doctoral students, literacy faculty, and distinguished professors; they are women, men, non-US-born, and US-born. Their unique experiences and expertise transact with these texts and merit unique understandings and insights.

Xiaodi Zhou, Book Review Editor, bookrev@uga.edu

Information LiteracyArmstrong, S. (2011). Information literacy: Navigating & Evaluating Today’s Media. (2nd ed.). Huntington Beach, CA: Shell Education.

Megan P. Brock, The University of Georgia, Athens, GA




The Silent Experiences of Young Bilingual LearnersBligh, C. (2014). The Silent Experiences of Young Bilingual Learners: A Sociocultural Study into the Silent Period. Rotterdam, the Netherlands: Springer.

Review by Lourdes Cardozo-Gaibisso, The University of Georgia, Athens, GA




Race, Community, and Urnban SchoolsGreene, S. (2013). Race, Community, and Urban Schools: Partnering with African American Families. New York: Teacher’s College Press.

Review by Benjamin D. Parker, The University of Georgia, Athens, GA




New Directions in Teaching EnglishMorrell, E. & Scherff, L. (2015). New Directions in Teaching English: Reimagining Teaching, Teacher Education, and Research. New York: Roman & Littlefield.

Review by Mandie B. Dunn, Michigan State Univsersity, East Lansing, MI




Teaching Transitional YouthSkerret, A. (2015). Teaching Transnational Youth: Literacy and Education in a Changing World. New York: Teacher’s College Press.

Review by Joelle Pedersen, Boston College, Boston, MA





Majors, Yolanda J. (2015).Shoptalk: Lessons in Teaching from an African American Hair Salon. New York: Teacher’s College Press.

Review by  Dr. Peter Smagorinsky, The University of Georgia, Athens, GA



Children & Young Adult Literature (CYAL) Book Reviews

JoLLE reviews children’s and young adult literature in order to support engagement with textual literacy, for both the classroom and the individual learner.  The journal reviews newly released and soon-to-be-released texts designed for the pre-K through twelfth grade audience. In this issue of JoLLE, we are especially excited to include 2nd grader Noah Kilpatrick’s audio review of The Terrible Two by Mac Barnett and Jory John. Noah’s first experience as a reviewer changed his life as a reader moving beyond picture to chapter books.  Find out more in his podcast.

Children & Young Adult Literature (CYAL) Book Reviews. Rachel Sanders, CYAL Editor, cyalbookrev@uga.edu.

High School Book

Out of Darkness BookPerez, A. H. (2015). Out of Darkness. Minneapolis, MN: Lerner Publishing Group.

Educator Reviewer: Margaret A. Robbins

Student Reviewer: Ryland Poole, 11th Grade


Middle to High School Book

Anatomy of Curiosity BookStiefvater, M., Gratton, T., & Yovanoff, B. (2015). Anatomy of Curiosity. Minneapolis, MN: Lerner Publishing Group.

Educator Reviewer: Melissa Merritt

Student Reviewer: Kayla Banks, 12th Grade


Middle School Book

Mateo, J. M. (2014). Migrant. New York, NY: Abrams Publishing.

Educator Reviewer: Jason Dylan Mizell

Student Reviewer: Dylan Mizell, 6th Grade


Elementary to Middle School Book

The Terrible Two BookJohn, J. & Barnett, M. (2015). The Terrible Two. New York, NY: Abrams Publishing.

Educator Reviewer: Marianne Snow

Student Reviewer: Noah Kilpatrick, 2nd Grade



 Elementary School Book

Hiawatha and the Peacemaker BookRoberson, R. & Shannon, D. (2015). Hiawatha and the Peacemaker. New York, NY: Abrams Publishing.

Educator Reviewer: Courtney Shimek

Student Reviewer: Foxie Nuruddin, 4th Grade


Poetry & Arts

In the Fall 2015 issue of JoLLE, we are proud to present five poems and one collage piece of art. These artistic endeavors touch on the diverse themes of the power of language, the effect of historical events on educators, and the motivations teachers have in spite of external pressures. Through all of the poetry and art weaves the theme that literacy educators and the beauty of language make an impact on people’s everyday lives. Amid a political climate of high stakes testing, it is important to push back by remembering the voices of history and the beauty of creativity. We hope you enjoy the work of these talented poets and artists!

Margaret A. Robbins, Poetry & Arts Editor, jolleart@uga.edu

“Civilized Residue”

Jerome Harste, Indiana University


Régine Randall, Southern Connecticut State University

“Poems While Proctoring-‘You Have Five Minutes Remaining in This Section”

Raymond Pape, Hamilton-Wenham Regional High School

“Tips for Visiting China”

Kuo Zhang, The University of Georgia

“first spring (Baltimore is burning)”

PL Thomas, Furman University


Sheryl Lain, National Council of Teachers of English

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The views expressed on this website and contained within featured documents are solely those of the author(s) and artist(s) and do not reflect the views of the JoLLE Editorial Board, Department of Language & Literacy Education, The College of Education, or The University of Georgia



The views expressed on this website and contained within featured documents are solely those of the author(s) and artist(s) and do not reflect the views of the Department of Language & Literacy Education, The College of Education, or The University of Georgia.

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